The Revolutionary War

The America Colonies'
from England


The Path to the American Revolution

Pontiac's Rebellion (1763)

The Proclamation of 1763

Various Other Acts (1764-1767)

The Stamp Act (1765)

The Townshend Acts (1767)

Boston Massacre (1770)

Boston Tea Party (December 16, 1773)

The Intolerable Acts (1774)

The First Continental Congress
(Sept. 5 - Oct. 26, 1774)

The Second Continental Congress
(May 5, 1775)

The Battles and Events of the
American Revolution

The Battle of Lexington
(April 19, 1775)

The Battle of Concord
(April 19, 1775)

The Battle at Fort Ticonderoga
(May 10, 1775)

The Battle of Bunker Hill
(The Battle of Breed's Hill)
(June 17, 1775)

Common Sense
(published February 14, 1776)

Dorchester Heights/The British leave Boston
(March 2-17, 1776)

The Siege of Charleston
(June 1776)

The Declaration of Independence
(June 11, 1776 to June 28, 1776)

The Battle at Long Island
(The First Battle for New York)
(August 27, 1776)

The Battle of New York
(The Second Battle for New York)
(September 15, 1776)

The Battle at Harlem Heights
The Third Battle for New York
(September 16, 1776)

The Burning of New York
(September 20, 1776)

The Battle of White Plains
(The Fourth and Last Battle for New York)
(October 28, 1776)

The Battle of Trenton
(December 26, 1776)

The Battle of Princeton
(January 2, 1777)

The Battle at Fort Ticonderoga
(July 5, 1777)

The Battle at Bennington
(August 16, 1777)

The Battle at Saratoga
(Freeman's Farm)
(September 19, 1777)

The Battle of Germantown
(October 4, 1777)

The Battle at Saratoga
(Bemis Heights)
(October 7, 1777)

Valley Forge
(December 19, 1777 to June 19, 1778)

France joins the war against Britain
(February 6, 1778)


The War in the South

The British Take Savannah
(October 9, 1779)

The British Take Augusta
(January 29, 1779)

The Continental Army surrenders at Charleston
(May 12, 1780)



Fort Vincennes
(February 25, 1779)

The Battle at Flamborough Head
(September 23, 1779)

The Battle of Monmouth
(June 28, 1780)

West Point and Arnold's Betrayal
(September 1780)



Campaign for the Carolinas

The Battle of Camden
(August 16, 1780)

The Battle of King's Mountain
(October 7, 1780)

The Battle of Cowpens
(January 17, 1781)

The Battle of Guilford Courthouse
(March 15, 1781)

The Battle of Eutaw Springs
(September 8, 1781)



The Final Events
of the American Revolution

The Battle of Yorktown
(October 6-19, 1781)

The Peace of Paris
(September 3, 1783)

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American Revolution Biographies

John Adams
(October 30, 1735 to July 4, 1826

Ethan Allen
(Jan. 10, 1738 to Feb. 12, 1789)

Sir Henry Clinton
(1738 to December 23, 1775)

The Green Mountain Boys

Benjamin Franklin
(January 17, 1706 to April 17, 1790)

Nathanael Greene
(May 27, 1742 to June 19, 1786)

Nathan Hale
(June 6, 1755 to Sept. 22, 1776)

John Paul Jones
(July 6, 1747 to July 18, 1792)

Henry Knox
(1750 to 1806)

Thaddeus Kosciouszko
(Feb. 4, 1746 to Oct. 1817)

Thomas Paine
(Jan. 29, 1737 to June 8, 1809)

Molly Pitcher
(Oct. 13, 1754 to July 22, 1832)

Deborah Sampson
(December 17, 1760 to April 29, 1827)


Writings of the American Revolution

Daughters of Liberty (1768)

Declaration/Resolves of the
First Continental Congress

Paul Revere's Ride (April 18, 1775)
The Poem

Olive Branch Petition (July 1775)

The Declaration of Independence (July 4, 1776)

Common Sense (January 1777)

The Peace of Paris Treaty (September 3, 1783)



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