Name Polonium
Symbol Po
Atomic Number 84
Atomic Mass 209 atomic mass units
Number of Protons 84
Number of Neutrons 125
Number of Electrons 84
Melting Point 254.0 C
Boiling Point 962.0 C
Density 9.4 grams per cubic centimeter
Normal Phase Solid
Family Metalloids
Period Number 6
Cost Due to its short half-life, it cannot be sold



Origin of Name After the Poland, the native country of Marie Curie
Date and Place of Discovery In 1898 in France
Discovered by Marie Sklodowska Curie and Pierre Curie
Common Compounds
Interesting facts
  • It was the first element to be discovered by its radioactivity.
  • It is rare and it and its compounds are very radioactive.
  • It is similar to tellurium and bismuth.
  • It occurs in uranium ores.
  • In the future it might be used to heat spacecraft.
Common Uses
  • When mixed with beryllium, it can be a neutron source
  • Elimination of static charges in textile mills
  • Radioisotope thermoelectric generators


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