Most Islam sources will say that Islam is more a way of life than it is a religion. Those Muslims who follow the basic Islamic principles try to live “face to face with Allah at all times and will introduce no separation between his life and his religion, his politics and his faith.”

John Alden Williams, editor,
ISLAM, George Braziller,
New York, 1962

I wasn't able to find a lot of information about Islam. There was a lot more information for the Jewish and Christian practices and holidays. Islam seems to be a simple religion and Muslims make it part of their every day lives. There are not denominations or divisions in the Islam faith as there are in Judaism and Christianity.

Most of Islam is defined in the Five Pillars, the foundations of their faith like the Ten Commandments are to the Jews and Christians. I want to go back to the Islamic Center of Merrillville to get a better understanding of Islam before I add more to the Islam section of this webpage.

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