Name Californium
Symbol Cf
Atomic Number 98
Atomic Mass 251.0 atomic mass units
Number of Protons 98
Number of Neutrons 153
Number of Electrons 98
Melting Point Unknown
Boiling Point Unknown
Density Unknown
Normal Phase Synthetic
Family Rare Earth Metals
Period 7
Cost Unknown



Origin of Name

After the state, California

Date and Place of Discovery The University of California on March 17, 1950
Discovered by Stanley Thompson, Kenneth Street, Jr., Albert Ghiorso, and Glenn Theodore Seaborg in 1950
Common Compounds
  • Californium bromide (CfBr2)
  • Californium chloride (CfCl3)
  • Californium fluoride (CfF3)
  • Californium iodide (CfI2)
Interesting facts
  • Californium was discovered by bombarding curium with alpha particles.
  • It is the heaviest element by weighable amounts.
  • Very radioactive and harmful.
Common Uses
  • Treats certain cervical and brain cancers, when radiation therapy in ineffective.
  • In portable metal detectors.


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