Name Cerium
Symbol Ce
Atomic Number 58
Atomic Mass 140.116 atomic mass units
Number of Protons 58
Number of Neutrons 82
Number of Electrons 58
Melting Point 795.0° C
Boiling Point 3257.0° C
Density 6.773 grams per cubic centimeter
Normal Phase Solid
Family Rare Earth Metals
Period 6
Cost $57 per 100 grams



Origin of Name After the asteroid, Ceres
Date and Place of Discovery In 1803
Discovered by Jöns Jacob Berzelius and Wilhelm von Hisinger ~ and ~
Martin Heinrich Klaproth
Common Compounds
Interesting facts
  • Even though it belongs to the rare earth metals group, it isn't rare at all.
  • It is more common than lead in the earth's crust.
  • Water should not be used to put out cerium fires because it will produce a harmful gas.
Common Uses
  • Heat resistant alloys, particularly aluminum alloys
  • Cast irons
  • Steel production, including stainless steel
  • Refining of grain
  • Magnets
  • Arc welding
  • Lighter flint
  • Motion picture industry
  • Self cleaning ovens
  • Glass
  • Petroleum refinement
  • Oxidizing agent
  • Catalysts in organic synthesis


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