Name Iron
Symbol Fe
Atomic Number 26
Atomic Mass 55.845 atomic mass units
Number of Protons 26
Number of Neutrons 30
Number of Electrons 26
Melting Point 1535.0 C
Boiling Point 2750.0 C
Density 7.86 grams per cubic centimeter
Normal Phase Solid
Family Transition Metal
Period 4
Cost Unknown



Origin of Name From the Anglo-Saxon word iren, and the symbol from the Latin word ferrum, meaning iron. It could have possibly come from earlier words meaning "holy metal" because it was used to make swords in the Crusades.
Date and Place of Discovery The first mention of iron can be found in Genesis 4:22: "Tubal-Cain, seven generations from Adam, was an instructor of every artificer in brass and iron."
Discovered by Known to the ancients
Common Compounds
Interesting facts
  • Iron is present in every cell in the body, but of it is found in the hemoglobin or myoglobin.
  • It is a very important dietary requirement. Without enough iron in your body, you can become anemic.
Common Uses
  • Cast iron for ovens and engine cylinder blocks
  • Galvanized iron for roofing, automobile bodies and boats
  • Steel for buildings, machinery, cans and containers, and appliances.
  • Stainless steel for cutlery, hospital equipment, and jewelry
  • Tool steel for drill bits and cutting implements.


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