Name Rutherfordium
Symbol Rf
Atomic Number 104
Atomic Mass 261.0 atomic mass units
Number of Protons 104
Number of Neutrons 157
Number of Electrons 104
Melting Point Unknown
Boiling Point Unknown
Density Unknown
Normal Phase Synthetic
Family Transition Metals
Period 7
Cost Unknown



Origin of Name After Ernest Rutherford, New Zealand chemist and father of nuclear physics
Date and Place of Discovery Synthesized in 1964 at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research at Dubna, Russia by bombarding plutonium with neon ions.

Synthesized in 1969 at Lawrence Radiation Laboratory on the University of California campus at Berkeley by colliding californium and carbon.

Discovered by Unknown scientists in Russia
Led by Albert Ghiorso in America
Common Compounds No known compounds
Interesting facts
  • Very little is known about it.
  • It is predicted to have chemical properties similar to hafnium.
Common Uses There are no known uses except for basic scientific research.


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